Choose Your Strategy before Fighting in PUBG Battle Arena

Well, when playing the first person or third person shooter games, a player requires having certain shooting kills for surviving in this game. Same rules apply for PUBG players. Every gamer opting for this game has to be good at shooting targets. Eliminating enemies by shooting is the primary objective of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

However, if you are not good at shooting, then PUBG aimbot got you covered. This cheat helps in aiming automatically. All a gamer needs to do is pull the trigger in the direction of an opponent. Aimbot takes care of the rest. Also, along with aimbot, strategies play a critical role in this game. So take a look at the list of strategies which one should be well aware of before starting to shoot randomly.


A number of strategies are involved in PUBG as if a player wants to survive till the end; strategies are of most important to all. Some of these are below:

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is “survival of the fittest,” and this might mean that an aggressive playing style will lead a gamer towards victory. However, this is not the average situation. The first rule is knowing when one should lay low and when one should engage with enemies along with PUBG aimbot. This is the best way to have the first “chicken dinner.”

  • In the game, sounds are essential as it helps in learning about the surrounding. Gathering info about where shots are being fired, when and where the people are driving cars or noticing about careless players making stomping noise in their boots; these sounds help one survive for long along with a PUGB hack. It aids in choosing the time one wants to engage or not depending on situations. Check out for more info!

Active style of playing is the way to go in PUBG. Aggressive playing often kills the character before reaching the end. Similarly, too much passiveness means the enemies will have a vast tactical advantage as they will find better gear from various locations.

Using distractions is another strategy which most players miss. Situations may arise in a game where a way out is impossible or knowing about an enemy’s location but can’t go near without them noticing. In such cases, grenades don’t solve things every time. Making use of red zone, approaching blue circle, nearby gunfire, loud aeroplane sound, etc. is ideal for escaping from a bad position into a better one. Using this distraction along with PUGB hack doesn’t let the enemy track a player’s movement properly.


  • Knowing all the weaknesses and strengths of one’s self is a must. Though most players want to excel in this game’s every aspect, it is not possible. Everyone has some strong and weak points in their playing style. Being aware of the capabilities will lead a player to the situations which are favourable for them by avoiding all weaknesses.


Following these strategies will increase the chance of anyone having “chicken dinner” by being the last survivor. These work out well especially when a player uses PUBG aimbot for eliminating enemies.